Belly dance for Beginners
DVD Belly Dance Video Cover

Belly dance is fun, exciting, sensual and suitable for all body types and fitness levels. With this centuries old art form you' ll improve muscle tone, increase flexibility and range of motion while achieving better posture and a new sense of confidence and self-expression. 

With 12 routines taught by world-renowned Egyptian belly dancer, Leila of Egypt, Belly Dance for Beginners is divided into three sections: 

Section I, the fundamentals of belly dance - posture, arm movements, hip movements, undulations and shimmies. 

In Section II you'll incorporate movement with the Egyptian walk, moving circles and moving shimmies. 

In Section III you'll follow Leila as she performs sensual, energizing or relaxing belly dance routines. 

Belly Dance for Beginners Highlights: 

- Easy-to-follow instruction, suitable for all body types and fitness levels 

- Original music and instruction from one of Egypt's, and the world's, most popular belly dance star and instructor 

- Sessions ranging from 10 to 30 minutes 

- Improve your fitness and increase confidence while mastering the fundamentals of Egyptian style belly dance 

- Learn several full dance routines includes a full-length performance by Leila incorporating the moves learned on the DVD.


Belly Dance for Beginners

DVD Highlights

  1. -Three sections to guide you through the basic movements then extend them into movements

  2. -Includes energizing, relaxing and  sensual routines. breathing routines that can be done no matter what your level.

  3. -Interviews and discussions with Leila.

  4. -

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